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Are you in Competition with Yourself?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

A disability may look like the end of the road and this can happen when you notice that you can’t sing like you always have, or play the piano again or even chase after dreams. Life can sometimes take drastic turns, but accepting your disability as an end to your road will be a wrong way to begin a beautiful chapter of your life.

1. Look at the positives instead of the negatives:

Perspective matters and this is very important for your breakthrough and success on this beautiful and new chapter of your life, looking at the positives instead of the negatives is important to set your vibes alright at all times.

What you place your mind on for the most time, becomes your reality and this is why you must ooze positivity and breathe positivity. This is not the time to be sorry about anything; it is a time to look at what life has to offer right now. You must live in the present, and this is how you can break through and achieve the biggest success on this journey.

2. Try new things and challenge yourself daily:

In the beginning, I mentioned the fact that it is you against you. The competition is you and to win at it, you must try new things, the kind of things you wish you did and will love to do, you can never tell the new perspective, this act will open for you.

Challenge yourself daily, the competition is you and you alone, do something you are afraid of and whether you win or lose at it, there should be an intention to challenge yourself daily and be better.

3. Celebrate your little achievements:

The competition is you, so when you win at things, celebrate those moments of rare victory with yourself. This positive attitude will create a new world of possibilities and build positive energy around you. If you do this long enough, you will be living in a completely new world, where impossibility doesn’t exist.

Comparison is toxic, it will eat you up more than you can ever imagine and this is why to win at this new chapter of your life, you must give up the desire and need to compare your achievements with that of others, remember the competition is you and you alone.

4. Accept your disability:

Breakthrough happens at the door of acceptance, you must learn to accept your disability as a part of your life, it is only at this point that you can make meaningful progress with your life and achieve the much-needed results.

When Inky Johnson the American Baseball player suffered a life-threatening injury and was forced off the field of play, he later discovered he would not be able to use his arm again to play the game of football. He was declared not fit for life, his acceptance of his disability became the turning point for his great accomplishment as one of America’s most sought after public speaker.

To make progress and win at this competition with you, you must accept yourself and only then can you open your doors to the possibilities around you.

Accept your disability by doing what you love. Take chances, explore new ideas and expand your influence. Success is likely, so take your time and invest wisely!

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