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Five Indicators that you have an Addiction

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Addiction just like habit is easy to form, but hard to let go. Sometimes our addictions put us in terrible situations, irrespective of the price, letting go is a thing we would not do. We must know when to draw the lines and know when things are no longer just mere occurrences but an addiction, you cannot live without. So here are 5 indicators to know when you are addicted:

1. Intense cravings:

This is the number one sign of addiction, your body system will build up strong resistance for the drugs, alcohol or anything that falls into the list of your addiction and you begin to develop an intense and incurable craving for the substance.

This is a sad place to be, however once here, nothing makes any sense to the addict than the quest for the substance and when you attempt to withdraw, there are signs on the road that make you believe you can’t live a day without it. These signs are often called withdrawal symptoms and they can be terribly difficult to go through.

2. Isolating behavior:

Isolation is a place where addicts find relief, and this is an important act for the addict for a host of reasons. Stigma, depression and anxiety are a list of reasons why addicts often isolate from the crowd, most of the times, it begins as depression and in a bid to get off reality, and habits are formed in isolation.

Stigma comes to play; as the addict is often afraid of the reception, society will give to his new formed habit, so isolating from members of the society is a first place to start for the addict. Another important reason is new friends, addicts always hang around those who will promote their new formed habits and hobbies, withdrawing from old friends is a common thing during this process.

3. Poor judgment:

With intense craving comes an uncommon passion to own the substance or drugs abused. This situation often blinds and forms a cloud around the thought process of the addicts, it is at this point that people empty hard-earned and saved retirement funds.

Acts such as promiscuity to raise needed cash, stealing, lying and bullying are often turned to, in a bid to finance the expensive addiction. At this point, morality and ethical judgments are left out due to the only concern and that is to silence that craving.

4. Financial troubles:

Addiction comes with a prize that must be paid in full, and that is the price of fueling the addiction. Financial troubles are synonymous with addicts, as they are often in one financial mess or the other and this adds to the truth that addiction is an expensive habit.

Addicts are quick to file for bankruptcy, drain the retirement/pension funds as well as sell off their assets for cash. When the cravings occurs, there is no telling what can be done to satisfy.

5. Keeping unhealthy friends:

For an addict, one of the most noticeable things about the new habits/hobbies is the change of social circles. Nowadays, It is unlikely to stay around persons who do not smoke and still smoke, while there are chances of this happening, the chances are not the same when compared with a non-smoker keeping a social circle of smokers.

The above is a case for addicts, the addict is quick to find new friends that promote his new habit and hobby, in this way to feel protected and at home with people of the same mind and ambitions. As the saying goes ‘iron sharpens iron’, new connections are needed to fuel new habits and hobbies.

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