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How to Book an Amazing and Budget-Friendly Getaway—Starting with Your Vacation Rental

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Everyone dreams of the perfect getaway. Whether it is relaxing on the beach or climbing the mountains, you want to savor every moment—and the last thing you want is to go broke doing it. And the worst is if you don’t have a comfortable spot to lay your head at night. How can you make sure your rental isn't a nightmare without paying unbelievable prices? Your Average Nomad offers some suggestions on how to save money and find a quality vacation rental.

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Consider Locale

The “location” mantra is just as true when looking for a vacation rental as it is when looking to buy a home. The closer you are to the tourist attractions, the higher the price for the rental. If you're looking for a beach rental, consider a rental that is a block or two from the beach or close to public transportation options.

It will be less expensive and still give you access to the beach. If your vacation plans include a resort, consider staying off property. In some instances, you may even get access to the resort amenities for a reduced fee. When looking for rentals, widen your search, you might be surprised at the savings.

Book with Property Owners

The key to finding a quality vacation rental is knowing who you are booking with. Do some exploring and connect you with property owners with homes, apartments, or condos for rent. You aren't working with a booking agent who has never seen the property and relies on third-parties for maintenance.

Make sure in your discussions with the property owner to find out who to contact if there is a problem such as a faulty dishwasher or refrigerator. The worst situation is having a problem and the owner or maintenance help must travel 12 hours to resolve the issue. A plumbing issue or electrical problem can quickly make for an uncomfortable (at best) stay.

What’s more, with local insights you can learn all about other ways to savor the most of your destination. Discover points out it’s one of the best ways to find top-notch eats at the best prices, and you’ll find it’ll also help you find which local attractions you might otherwise miss. What’s more, some of the better vacation rentals offer packages that include activities, which not only saves you money but it ensures you have reliable built-in entertainment during your trip.

Don’t Be Shy

Property owners aren’t your only resource for finding the best local offerings. Don’t hesitate to connect with other guests and people you see while out and about. As LikeALocal points out, meeting locals can be as simple as asking directions and chatting when you’re awaiting transportation.

Road Trip

Another way to save on travel is to consider driving to your destination. It can be less expensive than flying, especially if you have a large group of people. You can also save on airfare by flying into a regional airport and driving to your destination.

Another great option is to enjoy train travel. There are some wonderful vistas you won’t see any other way, and it’s a nostalgic option that becomes part of your entertainment.

If you must fly, one way to save is to book midweek or to fly into an alternate airport. If you can pack light, just take a carryon to save baggage fees. Think outside the box, and you’ll be surprised at how far your travel dollars will stretch.

Make Your Own

Buying vacation property isn’t just for the wealthy. If there’s a destination that’s near and dear to your heart, like Fishers Island, it could be advantageous to simply buy your own vacation home and rent it out to cover the costs of the mortgage and maintenance. This makes sense especially if you live a short distance away. First you’ll need to determine how much house you can afford.

Having your own vacation property gives you the convenience of always having somewhere to stay, and could even save you money in the long run. Bear in mind, however, that beyond cost, there is a lot to keep in mind with this sort of purchase. This includes how to keep it booked, cleaned and well-kept, and how to legally structure your business (e.g., sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.). For those who ask, “Do I need an LLC to start a business?” the answer depends on considerations such as whether you want to protect personal assets from risk. Thoroughly research your options, and connect with a local rental agency before you take the leap.

Vacation time is essential, and it doesn’t have to eat up your savings. With careful planning and an eye toward your budget, you can find the perfect getaway that offers savings and relaxation.

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Written by: Andrea Needham

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