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Human Body's Structural Disorders Challenges

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Structural disorders are chromosomal conditions that affect us in many ways, this happens as a result of abnormalities in the chromosome number or structure or the cell division and can result in diseases and other chronic conditions, leaving us with life-threatening situations.

Every cell division in the human body is made up of 23 pairs of chromosome and when there is a division or alteration in the pairs, it is called a structural disorder, similarly when an individual’s chromosome is mixing, has an extra pair or is switched to another chromosome, or even turned upside down, it leaves the individual with a structural defect in his chromosome called a structural disorder.

Here are some common causes of structural disorder:

1. An accident during the period the egg or sperm is formed

2. An accident during the early stages of the development of the fetus

3. The age of the mother

4. Birth defects

5. Environmental factors

6. Inherited diseases or traits

While these are common causes of structural disorders, the list can go on and on. The structural disorder can lead to a number of conditions such as:

1. Down Syndrome

2. Jacobsen syndrome

3. Edwards syndrome

4. Turner syndrome

5. Patau syndrome

While the majority of structural disorder issues are not treatable, they can be managed and this will allow you to live your greatest life, however structural defects of other kinds are treatable when diagnosing on time. Here are 5 ways to manage and prevent structural disorders, as well as protecting your kids and the unborn child from inheriting this situation.

1. Seek supportive care: structural disorders that cause us more challenges can be adequately managed when we open up ourselves to supportive care, this is important to keep your health in check and also will offer you the best possible solutions to deal with your disorder. Similarly, you get informed of regular advancement and innovations archived in the medical field that is necessary to better your condition such as “Gene therapy” and other innovations from the medical field.

2. Eat healthy foods: foods rich in folic acid are perfect for creating a support system for structural disorder-related issues. So, add foods rich in folic acid to help better your position and leave you feeling healthy for a much longer time. Oranges, peanuts, and orange juice are a few examples of fruits rich in folic acid, you can add to your diet.

3. Keep a healthy weight: a healthy weight is best defined by your doctor, and this can be determined by factors such as age, sex, height, and a host of other aspects. However, once the doctor comments on your weight and indicates it has gone beyond the limits, then you have to hit the gym and drop the additional kilos. To manage structural disorder-related health complications, you must maintain an ideal weight.

4. Give up smoking and alcohol: while smoking and alcohol is enough to damage your health, it can be a very bad situation to be in, when you have structural disorder-related complications as you will be exposing yourself to more damage and health risk. Smoking and drinking will leave your immune system defenseless, and this is not where you will want to be.

5. Regular intake of prenatal vitamin a day: the pregnant stage is one that must be managed with due care and attention and this is important for many reasons, the first is the need to ensure the child stays free from structural disorder and the second reason is to guarantee the wellbeing of the mother. Regular intake of the prenatal vitamin is important, as it contains over 400 micrograms of folic acid, which will serve as basic support for the mother and the child.

6. Always see a doctor: this is not the time to hide your medical history, it is a time to be open and one of the best persons to be open to, is your doctor. So keep your doctor’s appointments marked on your calendar!

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