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Recognizing the Contrast between Clinical Depression and Emotional Drawbacks

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

A distinction must be drawn between clinical depression and emotional drawbacks. While the two are forms of depression, there is a thin line of difference: the causes, the symptoms and the features.

Knowing this will help you translate and understand clearly when a person needs your genuine concern and support and when a professional should come in to ameliorate the situation.

So, let’s start with knowing what Clinical depression is and the various forms it can take.

This is a medical condition, which is often caused when a person’s level of depression has reached the chronic stage and is in dare need of a professional. This medical condition takes two forms:

1. Major depression disorder often called ‘Unipolar Depression’

2. The depressive phase of Bipolar disorder

An understanding of these two forms of clinical depression will lead to a more inclusive understanding of the subject matter.

Major depression disorder Unipolar

This stage of clinical depression is often characterized by the following signs and symptoms:

a. Sadness and feeling of emptiness

b. Loss of enjoyment of hobbies and work

c. Appetite changes

d. Weight loss

e. Loss of concentration

f. Thoughts of deaths and suicidal attempts

g. Poor decision making

h. Tiredness, fatigue and lack of energy

i. Feeling agitated

j. Hallucinations

The depressive phase of Bipolar disorder

Research has shown that people with this stage of clinical depression often alternate between periods of elevated mood, which is called mania, and depression. The common signs are:

a. Poor judgment

b. Racing thoughts

c. Irritability

d. Sleepiness

e. Hypersexual behavior

Causes of clinical depression: the causes of clinical depression ranges from factors such as: genetic and environmental.

Emotional drawbacks

While clinical depression is an advance form of emotional drawbacks, emotional drawbacks are moments we all have had and shared. The loss of a partner, a loss of a cherished job, loss of a child or sibling are all circumstances that had made us withdraw to our shells and call off connections with the world.

This kind of situation is a necessary way to express your emotions and that is usually to be silent most of the time. However when it becomes the new normal, then it has moved beyond the boundaries of emotional drawbacks and the services of a professional will be best advised as it can be called ‘Clinical Depression’ at this point.

Also, emotional disorder which manifests into depression and self-nervousness that may be influenced by external factors, also accounts for the onset of depressive symptoms, particularly in those who have been diagnosed with psychiatric disorders.

Irrespective of the form, emotional drawback or clinical depression, there are a few ways of treating depression and coming out of it.

1. Meditation:

There is no better place to get healing other than from within and this the bliss, meditation offers. Meditation opens us to ourselves and this process will allow you to heal from all pains and hidden hurts, buried within.

Another great benefit of meditation is the fact that it opens us and our mind to the possibilities that exist around us; which we have often opted to be blind to.

2. Talk to a therapist:

You may wonder why this point is not occupying the first berth, the reason is simple: for the most times, we can heal from anything, if we look within and stay above the situation using mediation as the path. When we cannot find answers from within, speaking to a therapist is a great remedy; the therapist is a professional and has handled cases of similar form.

You will be getting professional advice as well as guidance to get out of depression and live your greatest life.

3. Take self-care seriously:

One of the things we usually fail to do is to pay attention to our body. This is important before the body breaks down, it shows signs along the way of an intending collapse and if self-care is a thing we do, we will see these signs ahead of time and stay free from any collapse.

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