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Reservation Galore: Fast Reservations For Travelers

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Many of us tend to get overwhelmed when making travel bookings. With a web that is saturated with countless booking engines, common reservation mistakes are likely to happen. Here is a rundown of 6 things to look out for before booking your next trip for a stress-free booking experience.

1. Location:

There is no better way to start this list than with the most important thing on the list, location. The location of your hotel or reservation rentals will determine to a large extent how much you will enjoy your holiday or vacation. If you are visiting a city for the first time, it is just important that you get a location close to town or where you will be spending most of the time, this way you don’t get stuck in traffic or pay extra charges for transport around the city.

It can even be more disappointing when your hotel or reservation rental is situated in an inconvenient part of the city, which could leave you feeling uneasy for some time and eat away from the good time in that destination. So always consider the location!

2. Book for one night:

This is more like a tip than what to look out for, however, it is essential. You may have read reviews of the reservation rental and hotel, but no matter how beautifully written a review is, it cannot beat your own experience. And this is why it is important that you book for a single night at first if it is a city you are traveling to for the first time and you are not sure what the reservation looks like. This way, you can easily relocate and get a better reservation, if your first option turns out to be less than great, and you don’t have to chase booking engines for any refunds (especially post-pandemic when it has become slightly impossible).

3. Look out for reviews:

Before you book your next flight or accommodation, ensure you look out for reviews and ratings from users. This is so important, so you are not left to try out a new facility all by yourself. Reviews are important because they come from those who have had an experience of the reservation and location. This will save you the cost of making mistakes in the long run.

However, it is possible for rentals and hotels to have paid reviews on their sites, therefore a hotel or reservation rental review site is best appropriate to get original reviews of users and an experience you can count on.

4. Don’t believe everything you see in photos:

This is so important, and true. Most times hotels and reservation rentals use cameras that make a small room look so big and glossy that you can easily pay up without having a second thought. The actual quality of the room or hotel can sometimes turn out to be an absolute nightmare, looking nothing like the photos that were uploaded on the booking engine… Sadly, I’ve been there… Also, before you make your next bookings, try calling and confirming things for yourself.

5. Internet availability:

Before you get locked up in a town where you can’t access the internet or will need to pay extra charges for using the Wi-Fi, ensure you ask about its availability beforehand. While some hotels and rentals will give you single device access to the Wi-Fi others may allow you to enjoy the Wi-Fi on all your devices.

6. Facilities:

Sometimes you can be forced to do your work in bed, simply because it didn’t cross your mind to check if the room has a desk or a table. Always check for all available facilities from an indoor gym, to everything that is considered important to you before making your bookings.

So reservation for a room should be easy, simple, and communicated clearly. In other words, communication is king! It is a common practice to offer an "in" rate if reservation rooms aren't available. An "in" rate is a discounted rate that offers a chance to reserve a room at a discounted price and still get the rate.

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