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Slow Metabolism - Is Age to Be Blamed Here? (Does Metabolism Slow Down With Age?)

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

By T. Nathan Hephner | Submitted On January 13, 2010

Nowadays, it's very common for people to start gaining weight as they age. However, it's a really serious issue as extra flab brings with itself a lot of unwanted diseases and problems. Basically, it is the root of many other problems. Now the question remains that why does metabolism slow down with age.

The thing is that metabolism and age are inversely proportional to each other. As we grow older our metabolism starts to decrease. Although this is natural there are several biological reasons for this gradual decrease in metabolism. Keep reading to explore that why does metabolism slow down with age.

First of all, it's our lifestyle that contributes most in shaping our body. People, who have a healthy and active lifestyle, stay fit and trimmed all their life. Most people become a 'couch-potato' in their old ages, however it is highly discouraged.

Irrespective to what your age is, you should exercise daily to keep your metabolism working. Most people have the misconception that exercise is only done to lose weight, but that's absolutely false, as the sole purpose of exercise is to keep you fit, healthy and build lean muscles, not fat. To understand this in a better way, remember that your weight is equal to your calorie intake, subtracting your calorie burning; and if you're a couch potato your intake highly outweighs your burning calories.

It's a well known fact that muscles consume much more calories than layers of fat. The bad news is that as we age and cross 40, our muscles start being replaced by fat. Other than that, we are out of our the growing stage and the body functions less, lowering the metabolism rate.

Now comes another bad habit of aged people that basically evolves from inactivity. When people have a lousy routine and they start spending most of their time sitting on the couch or on the bed. Eating becomes their all-time partner and fat becomes the other partner we didn't count on.

People who rely on eating may get bored very easily and hence start making this a pattern for life. Eating is not at all a bad thing, but a very good and necessary part of our lives. However excess of everything is injurious and in this case eating is done in excess. This factor boosts up your weight. In the nutshell, do not make constant eating your source of entertainment, treat it as a necessity and you'll be out of danger.

Above we have just discussed the harms of eating too much; moreover you will be surprised that eating too little is also very unfavorable. When you are not eating enough, the body may slow down as it has not much to do and consequently your metabolism slows down. So beware, neither eat too much nor eating less often, just keep a balance and deal with moderation.

Other than these, there is another rationale for the question that "why does metabolism slow down with age?" As we age our body parts, especially bones, muscles and other joints start to ache. This really pulls us away from doing any sort of excision. However here is where we loose the battle.

A person who deals with courage at this point and does not back off from exercising, he can never become the victim of obesity. Believe me you can hardly think of anyone who failed to cut down weight or to retain their fitness, if they managed to do some work out at this point of life. Now the question Does metabolism slow down with age perhaps, but it's up to you to decide, whether you let your lazy lifestyle and body aches take control over you or you mustard the spirit to take control over them.

The author T. Nathan Hephner as an enthusiast for health and weight control who has much to reveal. One of the best roads to travel when seeking better understanding is O.P.E, Other Peoples Experience []. Caring and sharing is important is today's society with the need of more of it, but experience has lead the author to dig deep into this business of over eating and its cause and effects, for good health and for better living. Speed your metabolism up [] is a great place to start for more information on this tremendous subject, visit today.

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