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Three Healthy Behaviors to Build a Better and Balanced Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Habits are essential aspects of our lives; it builds us and makes us better. In the same light, bad habits can break us and make us worse. Having healthy habits is a vital aspect of our lives that we must nourish to achieve the greatest happiness and live our best lives. Here are three healthy behaviors to build a better and balanced lifestyle.

We are often concerned about our looks, losing weight, getting the best body shape, and avoiding other common habits such as giving up on smoking. We forget one of the most vital things we are supposed to do daily, which is getting enough sleep. Sleep is essential and plays an important role in our mental and overall well-being. It helps with our brain function and makes it easier for us to get a long with people, think clearly and react to things around us.

Sleep deficiency or the continuous lack of it affects our health and raises one’s risk for chronic health problems. Getting a healthy sleep daily will help to restore your body when it breaks down. Therefore, refusing the call of nature, to get a healthy nap or sleep now and then, will do great harm to your health in the end. This is an essential healthy habit to form.

Learning to manage stress is one crucial healthy habit you must learn. Stress can break you down and zap your energies, and the worst thing is that it eats you up just before you know it. So, you must prioritize and learn how to deal with stress, and the good news is that you can!

To manage stress effectively, you must be able to differentiate between, two very important aspects of your life and that is knowing ‘the things that are within your control and the things that are not’. Knowing the things within your control will help you ensure you are not pressured in a fast-paced and changing world, as you will take care of those variables, and then, knowing what is not in your control will ensure you are not overwhelmed with negativity when it happens.

So what are the things within your control? You have a responsibility to clear the load of work assigned to you daily, using that time to do other things and choosing to work at the last hour, when you will be prone to submit less effective work, is unnecessary stress and you can control it. Paying attention and creating time for the most important things, is much within your control. Having a flat tire on your way to work is not within your control and when this happens, do not go about blaming yourself. Sometimes, S*** happens.

Meditation, yoga, and breathing deeply are some of the ways to cool your head off the pressure and manage stress.

Excessive intake of salt leads to such health conditions as high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and other very serious health conditions. While salt is needed in the body, a high intake of salt is a situation you should avoid, and here are three ways to do it.

a. When shopping, choose products low in sodium, this way you save yourself the trouble of trying to calculate your salt intake.

b. When cooking, substitute salt with spices. This way you can stay salt-free but your food will be seasoned.

c. When eating, avoid having salt at the table to avoid the temptation of adding salt to your food and also avoid adding salt to the meal before tasting it, doing this will keep you salt-free for a long time.

Your life is balanced if the focus is on the future. Keeping your mind free of spiraling concerns refrain from dwelling on worries or unwanted thoughts. Take deep breaths to calm the body and mind. Close your eyes, pause, and see the world in an unbiased way.

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