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Vacation Rentals for a Relaxing Getaway

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

With countless options on the internet, searching for “the best vacation rental” can be overwhelming. It can be even more tiring to go through countless listings of hostels and rentals within your preferred choice of destination.

To save you from this hurdle, here is a list of 7 user-friendly sites you can use for your vacation rentals.

Airbnb is first on this list as one of the best websites to visit for your vacation rentals. The site is neatly designed and easy to navigate. It is also easily accessible on mobile and desktop. There is a massive list of vacation rentals in popular locations and you get a piece of detailed information on each property such as the number of rooms, bathrooms, amenities, house rules, accommodation type and more. You also get free quotes for price per night and for the entire stay as well as a rating from an experienced host. If you need to double-check anything before booking, Airbnb allows you contact the property owner for all your inquiries. has a long list of hostels, vacation rentals and other holiday accommodations put together to meet your holiday or trip needs. On the site, you get access to things such as reviews from previous users, a list of amenities available on the property and the opportunity to contact the property owner or hotel’s reservation department for any last-minute checks.

The site also offers you both refundable and non-refundable booking options, you can easily filter your searches to fit your preferences before completing your booking (directly on the site). With the wide variety available on you will find what you are looking for.

Expedia is a dedicated vacation rental site for all your lodging and accommodation needs. The site has many listings and comes handy with essential filters, so you don’t waste your time spiraling into endless windows.

The site ranks properties based on their overall allocations and features. With business-oriented properties, to family friendly hotels, and high-end luxurious properties.

The site is equipped with unique user-friendly designs and an extensive list of vacation rental properties. The premier partner rating on the site helps you get the best accommodation from seasoned property rentals, rated as best from users.

The filter option on the site allows you to set your preference and search with categories as property type, location, number of bathrooms/bedrooms and more. You get a breakdown of your fees and money charged, as well as the opportunity to book directly from the site.

This site is unique for many reasons aside from the standard features, it shows users the list of attractions within a working distance of the chosen vacation rental, giving you beforehand an idea of what to expect when you chose a specific property.

There is a filter option on the site for the search, and you also get free quotes. There are guest reviews for properties as well as location information and a detailed list of amenities and photos for each vacation rental.

Happy Planning!

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