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What is Venting Out? 6 Easy ways to Vent Out

Updated: Jan 28

Venting out means letting out the emotions that we may be bottling up for some time. It’s essential for our mental wellbeing. Talking is the most prevalent form of venting out but is surely not the only option out there. There are other ways as well, read along to know more.

Photo by George Milton from Pexels

Venting out means letting out the emotions that we may be bottling up for some time. It almost feels like we are taking a breath in the fresh air after being in a closed room for a while. It’s essential for our mental wellbeing.

Imagine a balloon that is already filled with air, what will happen if you keep pumping more air into it? It will eventually burst, right? People who don’t vent out their emotions and hold them in for long periods of time often feel overwhelmed and may even face emotional outbursts.

Studies suggest that we get immediate relief from stress after venting out. It makes us realize that emotions are temporary.

Talking is the most prevalent form of venting out. It involves two people, where one speaks and the other one listens. Since it is a burst of feelings, anyone listening also gets affected to some extent. Make sure you ask the person listening for consent before you start venting out. Don't vent endlessly as this might put the person listening under stress. It's important to abide by certain things to vent out the right way.

But a lot of people fear being judged and don’t really feel comfortable venting out to a person. That’s completely okay. Talking is surely not the only option out there. Some of the best ways to let go of your emotions are:

  1. Exercising- Working out or running is one of the best ways to cool yourself down. It helps in practicing mindfulness and also develops a deeper connection with ourselves. Meditation is another practice that enables you to see through and look at your deeper selves.

  2. Journaling- Writing whatever we are feeling at a particular moment on a piece of paper helps us let go of those emotions. It’s important that you are completely honest with yourself. You can also reflect upon whatever you have written later on. This will not only help you vent out without any help from outside but with promote feelings of self-love.

  3. Mirror-Gazing- When feeling a lot of emotions at once, we may lose the ability to look deeper. Stand in front of a mirror, talk to yourself about everything that has been bothering you. Spending time reflecting on everything you are feeling and understanding what’s affecting you helps a lot.

  4. Practicing Gratitude- Looking past the not-so-good things and being grateful for the good ones in every situation is an effective way as well. You can even try this after you ventilate to any of your friends and understand the whole situation once again.

  5. Arts/Music- Sometimes words are not enough for us to express how we are feeling. Sometimes, we need more than that. Art and music are really efficient tools in this case. They help us release our emotions and give them a beautiful shape. The best part is, you don’t need to be an expert in any of these to start. GoodLives provides Expressive Arts and Music therapy to help you deal with your emotions in unique ways.

There is nothing wrong with not being able to vent out to friends or close ones. It’s okay if any of the above ways don’t work as well for you as for someone else.

GoodLives is here for you. We map you to the right therapists who will listen to you and understand your mental state. Forget the fear of being judged or getting wrong solutions while venting out because with professionals you are always secure. We’ll provide you with a completely confidential and affordable journey to vent out your emotions.


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